Griet Van de Velde (°1975, B-Ghent), lives in Ghent, Belgium




  • solo exhibition | Croxhapox, BE-Ghent, 04.06… 02.07.2017
  • ‘Flight in Puddle’ | l’ étage d’euphrosine, BE-Ostend, 2017
  • ‘Points in Time’ | Casa Argentaurum, BE-Ghent, 2016
  • ‘(extra)ordinary’– curated by Angel Calvo Ulloa | espazo Miramemira, SP-Santiago de Compostela, 2015 
  • solotentoonstelling – curated by artist Wilfredo Prieto & Lena Solà | In Den Bouw, BE-Kalken, 2014


  • group show the event CubaLandz, with artists Glenda León and Carlos Caballero | Bozar, BE-Brussels, 09.06… 11.06.2017
  • duo exhibition ‘Enric Montes – Griet Van de Velde’ | 44 Gallery, BE-Bruges, 15.01… 12.02.2017 – speech by Christophe De Jaeger (arts & research Bozar museum)
  • ‘Los Buscadores de Oro’, with artists Kristoffer Ardeña, Maya Saravia, Maria Sanchez, Julia Llerena, Javier Nuñez Gazco, Ana Esteve Reig, Yuri Tuma, Fundación NewCastle, Iran do Espirito Santo, Elena Bajo, Jochen Gerner – curated by artist Marlon de Azambuja | espacio de arte OTR, SP-Madrid, 2015
  • ‘Land van Garage’, with artists Pascale-Martine Tayou, Dirk Braeckman, Honoré d’O, Sarah Westphal, Jasper Rigole, … – curated by Patrick Viaene, Henk Vandekerkhove | BE-Gent, 2015
  • ‘Flux-Reflux’, with artists Margarita Maximova and Nadia Guerroui | Second Room, BE-Ghent, 2015
  • ‘Artenova’, with artists Sarah Carlier, Sarah Van Marcke, Carlos Caballero, … | D.ART, BE-Mechelen, 2015
  • group show with artists Lola Lasurt, Shelley Meert, Cathérine Claeyé and Carlos Caballero, | galerie EL, BE-Welle
  • Der Greif Guest-Room: Katrin Weber’ – curated by Katrin Weber | Galerie f5,6, DE-Munich, 2014
  • group show with Wouter Huis & Anouk Van Reijen | 13b Creative Platform, BE-Ghent, 2014







  • 2nd laureate of BOZAR NIKON MONOGRAPHY SERIES AWARD 2016, BOZAR, BE-Brussels


In Belgian, Italian, Swiss and Spanish private COLLECTIONS.